The Peace Is Broken


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The Peace is Broken focuses on the turmoil as well as the triumphs of things that are occurring in this world and how we perceive those situations through our music. We hope that this music touches you in some way or gives you clarity and peace. Thank you to all our supporters, we appreciate every single one of you. With Peace & Love- FÖLD


released March 23, 2017



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FÖLD Kitchener, Ontario

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Track Name: Higher Class Democracy Wolf
that is what i know
he's in power of what you know, wants to be safe in this world where we go

blue and red they flash in sorrow
hide behind the weapons that control you

yeah and i guess that's alright...

you think your safe, never wanting to leave your place and you follow that cash look ahead from the past
and you let this be, all Mother Earth's tragedy

rise up and speak everybody has to have grief....
Track Name: Genocide
oh no I can't believe all these tragedies
people dying, crying, people screaming in misery
saying please let me be free (free from the disease)

Hey I know you feel sorrow, you want to see the light
but it's always shadowed hidden from your eyes
Genocide written inside our minds
We've been taught to believe the lies, look around and see
Don't let me down my brothers, my sisters, family

Why must we kill other human beings? For the sake of a dollar
for shiny rocks, for oil that kills our mother
why don't we just knock down the wall and sore free
all this world needs is one person to see

Everyday people help one another no matter what race or what colour you were born to be
no matter who you choose to be what colour or what religion you see
we're all the same, we're all who we're supposed to be

don't you want to be free, don't you want to believe?...please
Track Name: Eyes of The World
There are eyes, watching and they're full of love for you
and the ones they belong to, he knows all of you, all of you, all of you

not too far away in space, or lost in the rat race
not too high way up in the sky, or another stranger that's passing by

yeah because he's dying with you, because he's crying with you oh yeah
well he know's deep down inside
he see's all the nothingness that makes your days grey

he see's all...

he sees the world as a stage and it's all one big stupid play

yeah because he's dying with you, because he's crying with you oh yeah
well he knows deep down inside, he see's all the nothingness that makes your days grey yeah yeah

he see's all....
Track Name: Reality
Blind patriotism runs thick- there's a world that needs our help
so gather around the children, tell them how to play the game
in this society you're a number not a name
you sink or swim, yeah but life it goes on (on and on and on) and life in the streets have that to call home...


Peace equals bloodshed and religion is wrong
contradictions of the puppets' anthem
yeah watch the news educate your clan
discriminate the others, drop some bombs on them
fight the race, do your family proud 'cause after all, after all..

you have to be strong, think for yourself, live for something more
Track Name: Find A Way
the future is whatever you make it
gotta find my way out in the end
don't say that it's time to give up
in the eyes of our children there's always a sign of hope

now i find my way, find my way

if we all come together the power could be given to the peoples' hands
we don't need no man, we don't need no man...

rise your head find a way out, rise your head and you'll find the way
Track Name: Through My Mind
walking forward but taking two steps back now
running down the road of life, going through them changes
should I hurry or should I take my time, watch the rain fall down
lift my sorrow away, lift my sorrow away

carry me to place where the sun shines bright
to where the moon and stars align

through my mind ...

hoping we can find the place
a future that's free
for everyone to be who they want to be
through the doors of perception we can see
I think i'm leaving town
the road of life has got me felling down
taking my time, cause' you only live once in this world

carry me to place where the sun shines bright
to where the moon and stars align,
oh take me farther away, i'm on top mountains looking down at the sunrise, down where the stream runs though my mind

through my mind....

Mr. CEO business man reaching in his wallet it's full of ego
as he looks ahead from his past, his corporation is taking the sacred land, it's time we make a stand, cause' our children can't drink from those oil sands, we can overcome the love for power, cause' everybody's light shines through their eyes into their minds

and i know...

we can overcome the love, we can overcome the love
we can overcome with love
Track Name: Lost In Meditation
Track Name: When Dreams Become Reality
Yes i know I'm alive, I can see it in your eyes
something mysterious to me, love and peaceful dreams

dreams, dreams and fantasies

before the thought of you was just a dream the thought of being with you seemed like it could not be, then you touched me and you made me believe, looked inside and you made me see

dreams, dreams and fantasies

now my life is eternally complete, discovering all that is around me
your eyes are like pearls and they show the world's meaning

yes I know I'm alive, I can see it in your eyes
something mysterious to me, love and peaceful dreams

wake up every morning and I still can't believe my life is positively
intertwined in peace, now I know this is how it's supposed to be
Track Name: Silent Conversations
this long and empty road
the horizon calls my name providing me with serenity through constellations
the thoughts of my own whispers to the howling winds
Even though I am alone i have these conversations,
I can feel you here, even when the night is young.
I can feel your warmth like the sweet rising sun.
Even though I'm a little crazy for you, one thing holds true.
That's my love for you.
Even though you're not here, I still feel you near.
Listen close, listen close the wind.
You can feel, you can feel our souls.
Listen close here it goes.
Track Name: Reborn
You live through me I live inside of you
Even though you're gone from us, I can still feel you here.
All of your knowledge could have saved the world,
Your loving soul lives on and on.
You gave me her, gave me this love so I could move on.
And in her eyes is where I find you there, find you there.
Everyday we miss you more and more,
Looking at pictures rewinds the time we shared
Your art has a sound, and the lines call my name,
And I know by letting go, it made you feel reborn.
Reborn, reborn, I've been reborn,
Into something new.